Passages Cremation Center


We are pleased to announce the opening of Passages Cremation Center, Modell’s new privately owned crematory. Conveniently located just 15 minutes away from our funeral home in Darien, it is our honor to provide the community with a locally owned option for a quality, trustworthy cremation provider. Ours will be the only funeral home in the immediate area that owns and operates their own crematory, bringing the number of businesses that families must trust with their loved one down to one. Beginning in winter of 2022, families will have the option to use our privately-owned crematory for their loved ones and will have the assurance that they will receive the highest level of care through every step of the process. Passages Cremation Center also includes a special witnessing room where families can be present for the start of the cremation process, allowing for a ceremonial send-off of their loved one. We look forward to offering this new service to families and creating a meaningful cremation experience.



Quality Control – Your Loved One Never Leaves Our Care

Choosing a funeral home with a privately-owned crematory ensures that standards of quality are being upheld at all times and can be enforced by the funeral home. With a third-party crematory, a funeral home can do their best choosing a trustworthy provider to work with but ultimately cannot interfere in the cremation provider’s process, record-keeping practices, and so forth. When the funeral home and crematory are operated by the same team, there are less opportunities for communication to break down or information to be lost and/or misinterpreted.


More Service Options

A funeral home with a crematory, especially one with a witness room, can provide more options for services and ceremonies. With the addition of our Passages Cremation Center, we will be able to serve a wider range of families by accommodating religious practices and traditions that center around cremation. Even families who are not obligated to witness their loved one’s cremation by religious rites may find that doing so is beneficial to their healing and overall experience.


Faster Process

Owning the crematory we use allows us to set our own pace and our own hours of operation, which often results in a faster process all around. Without the restriction of having to work around the crematory’s schedule and volume of demand, we can accommodate our families’ time requirements and more accurately predict how soon cremated remains will be returned.


One Service Provider to Work With

In an already stressful and confusing time, it is not convenient for families to have to seek out and communicate with both a funeral service provider and a cremation provider. Something is more likely to go amiss when there are multiple phone numbers, documents, and other details to keep track of. By working with a funeral home that is already integrated with a crematory, families can minimize stress and rest assured that their trusted funeral director is handling everything for them.

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